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Chomper's Journal
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Monday, March 2nd, 2009
8:35 am
Baby boy
I am now a father. Emm gave birth at 5:51am yesterday. All I can say at the moment is he's wonderful and he and mum are OK. She had to have an emergency C-section which was very worrying at the time but she's recovering now.

I have never seen anything as amazing as a new life suddenly out here in the world.

Current Mood: Amazed
Tuesday, February 12th, 2008
1:52 pm
Gerber gone
This won't mean much to anyone who does not grok comics but Steve Gerber died on Sunday aged 60.

He was the writer who created Howard the Duck in the 1970s, a comic which was years ahead of its time (try to forget that awful film). But I'll remember him most for his swamp monster character Man-Thing. I still marvel at how he could get so much emotional vibrancy and depth into stories about a shambling central character who couldn't talk and could barely think.
Tuesday, December 11th, 2007
1:59 pm
At last, all the acclaim and credibility of forming your own band without having to play any instruments, stay up late, or hang out with real musicians. Cool!
My imaginary band met up at art school and their debut album is a groundbreaking sonic assault that comes from a fusion of dour art rock and frenzied electro beats designed to thoroughly mash your potato.

My band: Skovshoved IF

Album: Baron Dante

Gibberella tricincta
Federal Agriculture Improvement and Reform Act of 1996
Joe Corrigan
Doctor of Physical Therapy
Orange Wednesdays
Kaji Man Samsohang
Lake Forest
Jaume Plensa
Galium glaucum

Form your own band, entitle your first album and then fill it with tracks by getting a name from the random article feature of wikipeadia.
Friday, November 30th, 2007
3:49 pm
Maverick marshall
We had a fire drill the other day.

I'm no longer a fire marshall. They made me hand in my badge and gun when I moved from the Croydon office last year. They couldn't handle my maverick fire-marshalling style. I'd run up and down the office shouting "We're all gonna die! Head for the roof, we'll be safe there. Strap yourselves down while I blow the water tanks!" and so forth at the drop of a hat.

I'd only get worse during an actual fire drill. "Everybody hide! Don't let them find you! It's a trick by the Clanton gang to flush us out!" and so on.

The over-inflated sense of importance that a day-glo yellow waistcoat brings was great though. That's why I stole it and use it when I cycle into work.

Happy days.
Monday, September 3rd, 2007
7:55 pm
Heathrow Terminal 1
Hi all

Here's the situation. We're catching a BA flight on Friday morning from Heathrow Terminal #1. The flight is 7:05am and there are three parties (Wife+Me, Brother+Girlfriend & Mum+Dad) all meeting at the airport at least an hour beforehand. Only I have the booking in details (via Expedia).

So here's the question: does anyone know Heathrow well enough to suggest where would be a good place to meet up with the other two parties at that time of the morning baring in mind they can't book in without me? Currently I'm guessing at one of the check-ins unhelpfully labeled Zone A-M.

And while I think about it how early should we be getting there? My thought is an hour before flight time but it's been a while since I last flew and security may be tighter now.

Thankfully we're not taking a chicken, fox or bag of grain.

Wednesday, July 11th, 2007
2:09 pm
Galaxy quest
You can help catalogue 1,000,000 galaxies at www.galaxyzoo.org

Is it just me or is that really cool?
Tuesday, October 24th, 2006
7:55 pm
It turns out my main paper, the Croydon Guardian, has just won an award. It's independently judged and sponsored by EDF. For the next year we are 'best free newspaper in London and the south of England'.

Since I've been chief sub on the paper for more than a year now I've been an important part of the team and am thus thoroughly chuffed. I'm not sure anything I've worked on has won an award before.

Yay us and yay me.

Current Mood: pleased
Wednesday, September 13th, 2006
12:45 pm
Is Memory Lane next to Amnesia Avenue or Senility Close?

I can't recall.
Sunday, September 10th, 2006
12:12 am

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Wednesday, August 23rd, 2006
5:19 pm
My current journey into work is the best I've ever had. I cycle through two parks and along a river bank for about 25 minutes and count the wildlife as I go. 65 ducks is the record so far but I also see magpies, coots, dogs, pigeons, squirrels and even slugs.

That beats my previous best work journey of 10 minutes door-to-door when I worked in Beckenham and lived in Penge.

What's your best ever journey into work?
5:17 pm
I saw kingfishers on the ride into work today. I had no idea they could be found in London but there are two in Morden Hall Park. Utterly beautiful, flashes of bright metallic blue, darting over a river.

5:11 pm
Dance yourself dizzy
Hi all

Through my paper I've got on to the guest list for the South West Four dance music festival on Clapham Common this coming Saturday. I have two spare vacancies I can take with me and my beloved.

It's a wide variety of dance music but it is all that modern electronic stuff the young people seem to like so much. The big names are Carl Cox and Paul Oakenfold with loads more besides.

Here's all the details: www.southwestfour.com

Let me know if you're interested and if more than two people are, I'll arrange a series of mud-wrestling bouts to determine the winners.

Current Mood: barely awake
Wednesday, August 9th, 2006
5:46 pm
Someone I've worked with for five years died last Friday from cancer. She seemed to be getting better but had a major relapse last week and then went from critical to dead in three days.

I was as shocked as you can imagine - I liked her a lot and had a good relationship with her. So I got very blotto in Irish fashion hoping that would help deal with my feelings of confusion, outrage and fear. Death makes very little sense to me in spite of its implacable biological logic so smashing my brain cells with alcohol seemed as reasonable a response as any in the short term.

It seemed to do the trick as Saturday morning was bright enough even if the afternoon had its own tests of character with another very dear friend (my lovely grandmother-in-law) not long for this world. Everyone coped amazingly and sensibly and I can't think of many more occasions on which I've been so proud to be part of their family.

I thought a my friends death was in order in my head but yesterday I had to layout her obituary and I was scared to do my job in a way I never have been before. I did it anyway but it knocked me through a loop for the rest of the day.

Death is a strange process because it's not just the person who dies that goes away. For a while they take some things from you with them. But in the end I know I will remember her laughing.

I miss you Chrissie.

Current Mood: indescribable
Wednesday, April 12th, 2006
2:40 pm
Saturday, April 8th, 2006
12:49 am
Rennies go in the bath

Rennies go in me

Cat's been in the bath

Our cat.

Name that film
Monday, April 3rd, 2006
6:07 pm
Larmer Tree
For anyone thinking of going to the Larmer Tree festival this year, there are only 200 weekend tickets left.
Friday, May 27th, 2005
9:54 am
Mood: Promoted
I have been promoted. Gosh, don't I feel competent? I am now chief sub-editor at the Croydon Guardian.

My old boss left a couple of weeks ago and since then I have picked up the ball and am beginning to run with it.

Yay me!

The wombats are most pleased. :o)
Monday, August 11th, 2003
6:18 pm
I've seen Underworld.

OK the venue was a boon - the courtyard of Somerset House on a warm summer's eve. It is both beautiful and spacious with very well timed seagulls and terrific toilets.

OK the audience was full of very happy, nice, friendly people in their 20s and 30s, very happy to share their water and whatever they are smoking.

These things elevated the gig even further.

But the key element was a couple of dance music gurus who take what they do very seriously but never stop enjoying it. Utterly amazing live. Having only seen them on DVD before they present such incredible energy with such interesting and inventive music that my already high opinion of them has jumped up many notches to sit with Orbital and Eat Static at the top of the live dance music tree.

That was one of the best gigs I've ever seen. Full of dance floor favourites from the endlessly bouncy Cowgirl to the exhilarating Moaner. By the time they pull out Born Slippy we would have danced to any sound they made.

Karl Hyde's pleasing semi-nonsense lyrics are delivered with a complete lack of self-consciousness that make you feel he is feeling something as special as you are. He never seemed to flag as he pranced around the stage having the time of his life.

A new friend called Jeff said it was the best he'd ever seen them. I have no basis for comparison but am inclined to agree.

Utterly brilliant. See them if you can possibly can - they are a treasure to be savoured.
6:02 pm
It seems no one is ever really happy with the weather in this country. It's too cold or too hot. Is the point that its variety gives us something to complain about?

Today I managed to forget that oxygen is the most important thing you can get when stuck in a stuffy office. Best I try to keep that in mind in future.
Tuesday, April 15th, 2003
9:05 am
Rebel steps
Steps are basically very reliable creatures. They put up with a lot from us humans tromping up and down them everyday without complaint. Solid chaps all round.


Sometimes, an individual step decides it has had enough. Anarchistic feelings of discontent foment within it's heart and it refuses to be downtrodden any more. It rebels.

Now there's not a lot of actions a step can take to express it's umbrage but if you look closely, they can jump, just a little, usually under cover of a crowd. All they need to do is raise themselves by a centimeter at just the right moment to trip up the lazy and the clumsy.

For a step to influence the world beyond allowing the passage of humans is a major achievement. Swelled with pride, they usually work their feelings of bitterness out of their system after a few near trips or a single bad fall caused by it's efforts. Generally they fall back in step with their comrades and go back to being as reliable as ever.

At least that's my theory as to why I and the guy in front of me fell over the same step this morning, and I'm sticking to it.

Watch the stairs!
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