Baby boy

I am now a father. Emm gave birth at 5:51am yesterday. All I can say at the moment is he's wonderful and he and mum are OK. She had to have an emergency C-section which was very worrying at the time but she's recovering now.

I have never seen anything as amazing as a new life suddenly out here in the world.
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Gerber gone

This won't mean much to anyone who does not grok comics but Steve Gerber died on Sunday aged 60.

He was the writer who created Howard the Duck in the 1970s, a comic which was years ahead of its time (try to forget that awful film). But I'll remember him most for his swamp monster character Man-Thing. I still marvel at how he could get so much emotional vibrancy and depth into stories about a shambling central character who couldn't talk and could barely think.

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At last, all the acclaim and credibility of forming your own band without having to play any instruments, stay up late, or hang out with real musicians. Cool!
My imaginary band met up at art school and their debut album is a groundbreaking sonic assault that comes from a fusion of dour art rock and frenzied electro beats designed to thoroughly mash your potato.

My band: Skovshoved IF

Album: Baron Dante

Gibberella tricincta
Federal Agriculture Improvement and Reform Act of 1996
Joe Corrigan
Doctor of Physical Therapy
Orange Wednesdays
Kaji Man Samsohang
Lake Forest
Jaume Plensa
Galium glaucum

Form your own band, entitle your first album and then fill it with tracks by getting a name from the random article feature of wikipeadia.

Maverick marshall

We had a fire drill the other day.

I'm no longer a fire marshall. They made me hand in my badge and gun when I moved from the Croydon office last year. They couldn't handle my maverick fire-marshalling style. I'd run up and down the office shouting "We're all gonna die! Head for the roof, we'll be safe there. Strap yourselves down while I blow the water tanks!" and so forth at the drop of a hat.

I'd only get worse during an actual fire drill. "Everybody hide! Don't let them find you! It's a trick by the Clanton gang to flush us out!" and so on.

The over-inflated sense of importance that a day-glo yellow waistcoat brings was great though. That's why I stole it and use it when I cycle into work.

Happy days.

Heathrow Terminal 1

Hi all

Here's the situation. We're catching a BA flight on Friday morning from Heathrow Terminal #1. The flight is 7:05am and there are three parties (Wife+Me, Brother+Girlfriend & Mum+Dad) all meeting at the airport at least an hour beforehand. Only I have the booking in details (via Expedia).

So here's the question: does anyone know Heathrow well enough to suggest where would be a good place to meet up with the other two parties at that time of the morning baring in mind they can't book in without me? Currently I'm guessing at one of the check-ins unhelpfully labeled Zone A-M.

And while I think about it how early should we be getting there? My thought is an hour before flight time but it's been a while since I last flew and security may be tighter now.

Thankfully we're not taking a chicken, fox or bag of grain.



It turns out my main paper, the Croydon Guardian, has just won an award. It's independently judged and sponsored by EDF. For the next year we are 'best free newspaper in London and the south of England'.

Since I've been chief sub on the paper for more than a year now I've been an important part of the team and am thus thoroughly chuffed. I'm not sure anything I've worked on has won an award before.

Yay us and yay me.
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My current journey into work is the best I've ever had. I cycle through two parks and along a river bank for about 25 minutes and count the wildlife as I go. 65 ducks is the record so far but I also see magpies, coots, dogs, pigeons, squirrels and even slugs.

That beats my previous best work journey of 10 minutes door-to-door when I worked in Beckenham and lived in Penge.

What's your best ever journey into work?